iPad BeanPad Review

iPad BeanPad StandThe BeanPad is a beanbag stand for iPad, made by a company called Vantage Point. I picked up two of them a couple of months ago when they were on sale over at Woot.

I’ve used many iPad stands. I’ve used cases with built in stands, stands from Twelve South, no name stands, stands picked up at Best Buy, or Bed Bath & Beyond. None of them worked the way I wanted them to.

Enter the BeanPad. Yes, it is bulky. Yes, it is heavy. However, this really is the perfect stand for your iPad. It works on couches, tables, beds, floors, counters, car dashboards, uneven surfaces, pretty much anywhere. You can smoosh it under a car headrest and play movies for the kids in the backseat. It rotates and tilts to just about any angle and remains stable. The plastic casing is designed well. It is very easy to snap the iPad in and out, but I haven’t worried about the iPad falling out on its own. It fits very snug inside the plastic.

All of the buttons are accessible, it works with a smart cover attached, and the speakers and camera are not covered up.

I paid $14.99 each when I bought mine. They are now going for around $50 on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Beanpad-iPad-Gen-White/dp/B006422BWS

Would I pay $50 for one now? Yes. It’s the only stand I feel comfortable with sitting on my desk, sitting on top of a P.A. speaker while performing a gig, sitting on a shelf in the kitchen, even laying on the edge of the bed. The beanbag design gives this stand great stability that I haven’t been able to find with “kickstand” style stands or even heavier metal stands. Being able to rotate and angle to any position you want is definitely an added bonus.

The only downside I can come up is the size and weight – this isn’t a stand you can throw in a small travel bag, and you’ll notice the weight in your backpack. It is great for around the house or the office, though, and is easy enough to throw in the car when traveling.


Great stability on all surfaces

Works almost anywhere

Good design compatible with all ports speakers and buttons

Easy to snap iPad in and out, fits very snug


Bulky, heavy (though this is necessary by design)

Somewhat expensive ($50 retail price is a bit high)


Recommended for anyone looking for a stable, customizable stand that just works on practically any surface.