You’ve Got to Move Things Around

For many years I had a problem. Every time I opened a bag of bread, bagels, buns, or anything else held closed by a plastic bread clip, I would almost always lose the darn thing by the time I was ready to put the bread away. You know the clips I’m talking about:

This was unbelievably frustrating, and it happened almost every time! I had it 2 minutes ago, I set it right here, I haven’t touched it… WHERE IS IT?? It wasn’t until just a few years ago that I finally figured it out. During the course of preparing my meal, the clip would invariably end up underneath something else. A plate, a dish towel, packaging from some other food item, etc. Once I finally made that breakthrough, everything changed. Now when I’m finished with a bag of bread, if I cannot find the bread clip, I move things around. Sure enough, there it is! It slid under the toaster.

This seems obvious enough, but for years it escaped me. And the point is, when we are looking for something that should just be right there, don’t forget to move things around, and look from a different angle. Only then can we find the answers hiding in plain sight.