iTunes Match is Down Again

iTunes Match sure seems to be having lots of issues. I can forgive the random lags, I can even forgive butchering my favorite songs with the edited/censored versions (only because it doesn’t happen much of the time). But this is now the third time in a month where I’ve really needed (okay wanted) access to my music and it just isn’t there. iTunes Store Error 5002, iTunes Store Error 4010, the Music app crashing on my iPad and iPhone, or just trying to play a song perpetually, but never actually playing anything. Called their support line, apparently having lots of calls about iTunes Match today (again). No expected time for service to resume, so just “try again in a couple of hours and call us back if it still isn’t working”. Sigh.

Come on, Apple. Get your act together. This is 2012. People expect their web services to just work. Apple is supposed to just work! I just want to listen to some music, man!