iTunes Radio is on Fire!

Having used iTunes Match for over a year, and iTunes’ Genius feature for many years, I suspected that Apple already knew a great deal about what music I enjoy listening to. I was absolutely correct. After only a couple days of training (mostly plugging in bands I really don’t like into the Never Play section of my stations), I am able to listen to the radio for almost an entire 8 hour work day without skipping a single song! Did I mention how GREAT the sound quality is? It really is much higher quality than Pandora, and never lags or buffers (even on 3G cellular data).

Tuning the station for more variety, I’ve already found and purchased great new music that I otherwise would have never been introduced to (seeing as I despise FM radio).

I like many different styles of music, and many times a band or album will be extremely hit or miss for me. I’ll like 1-4 songs, but really can’t get into the other ones. iTunes Radio knows to play just the songs I like, or songs similar in style.

Not having to figure out which playlist/artist to play, but rather just pull up iTunes Radio, select a station and click Play, removes a lot of the indecisive delays I would struggle through when figuring what music to play out of my 20,000+ song library. I’m well pleased with iTunes Radio, and can’t wait until it learns even more about what I like, and introduces me to more great music.