iOS 7 Weather App is Always Wrong

Has anyone else noticed that the iOS 7 weather app is always inaccurate regarding the temperature? Mine is off by over 20 degrees routinely.

I did some poking around online, and couldn’t find very much information on this. Maybe I’m the only one seeing this problem.

For example, right now it is 51 degrees and sunny outside (as reported by Dark Sky and my Nest thermostat), yet the stock Weather app says it’s foggy and 28. It seems like the weather is always a couple of hours behind.

I know Yahoo is being sourced for this weather, but couldn’t find any info on Yahoo’s website about weather. They just link to The Weather Channel and other weather websites.

I’ve found no way to manually refresh the weather in the stock Weather app. I really hope this gets fixed soon, either by Apple going with someone else to provide weather, or Yahoo getting this issue fixed. It is very annoying.

If anyone has any insight into this, let me know!