TimeNet — timekeeping, invoicing and business management for Mac!

My day job is to create business apps for Mac OS X. This is a seriously overlooked market. Many creative professionals use Macs to get work done. Graphic designers, web developers, musicians and audio engineers, video editors, photographers, and many more all use Macs to create amazing things.

Small business owners using Macs to get work done need good tools to keep their business healthy. You need to track your time, expenses, mileage, taxes, and much more. You need to be able to quickly invoice your clients so that you can get paid for your work. You need to have reports available to analyze all of the aspects of your business, and see the big picture. Find patterns, predict shortfalls in cash flow, and see which areas of your business are the most profitable, and the most time consuming. All of these things are critical to maintaining a strong, healthy business. Unfortunately, there aren’t many tools available for Mac that let you do all of this. There are a few, but most of them are clunky, counter-intuitive, and counter-productive. Some have stopped developing their apps and stopped supporting their users. Some of have started charging monthly fees that really start to add up after awhile.

This is why I created TimeNet.

TimeNet 4

TimeNet is easy to use, flexible and powerful, and will dramatically increase your productivity and billable hours, while reducing the time you spend billing your clients and managing your business.You can learn more about TimeNet and download a free demo at the TimeNet website: http://www.applesource.biz/software/timenet